Lunch & Learn, “Vaccine Acceptance among employees of a County health system”, April 16, 2021 Claremont Graduate University.


Guest lecturer, TNDY 408C COVID-19 and Health Systems in the USA and Around the World: “The Epidemiology of COVID-19”, September 3, 2020, Claremont Graduate University

Webinar, “The Epidemiology of COVID-19 at 6 months: 10 things we know and 10 we don’t”, June 19, 2020, Claremont Graduate University.

Panelist, with Deputy Director of the Pasadena Public Health Department, Manuel Carmona, and physician, Giancarlo DiMassa. Virtual Rector's Forum, May 17, 2020 “The Intersection of Race and Covid-19, All Saints Church, Pasadena. Link to YouTube Video:

Co-Author of Academic Paper: Chipidza W, Akbaripourdibazar E, Gwanzura T, Gatto NM. A topic analysis of traditional and social media news coverage of the early COVID-19 pandemic and implications for public health communication. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 3 March 2021 1-23 Click here for pre-print

Co-Author of Academic Paper: Gatto NM, Shellhorn H. Optimal disease treatment in the presence of uncertainty. Mathematical Biosciences 2021; 333: 108539 Click here for article

Co-Author of Academic Paper: Chipidza W, Krewson C, Gatto NM, Akbaripourdibazar E, Gwanzura T. Worlds Apart: Ideological Variation in News Content and Source Credibility During a Pandemic Submitted to Journal of Information Technology and Politics

Research Collaboration: Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, Daniel Gluckstein and Lisa Diaz; Debbie Freund. Factors that predict survival among predominantly Latino and low-income patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at PVHMC. Timing of convalescent plasma therapy and outcomes among patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at PVHMC.

Research Collaboration: Riverside University Health System, Anthony Firek and Judi Nightingale; Debbie Freund. Determining level of confidence in a SARSCoV-2 vaccine in the RUHS population.

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